(English text by Nath Men)

On September 4, 2021 the Cambodian Community in Norway celebrated a Fundraising Arrangement as a Buddhist culture at the Khmer Buddhist Center, Lillesand. Two monks were invited. The Fundraising was organized to support the Khmer Temple Project that the Khmer Buddhist Society (KBS) has scheduled to wish for a large place.

The Celebration was great and all the participants were consolidated well. The Fundraising has collected a total of more than 12 thousand Norwegian Kroner (over 12,000 USD). The money was transferred to KBS’s bank account for its own Project.

The Arrangement’s plan was actually celebrated last year, but it wasn’t because the coronavirus (Covid-19) was seriously infected. This year the KBS’s Steering Members have discussed many times to resolve the planning’s program. Fortunately, in June the corona’s situation got better after most people had taken vaccination and in September Norway opened the country. So the Association decided on September 04 to celebrate the Fundraising Arrangement.