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Norwegian "Khmer Buddhist Forening - KBF"

Norwegian "Khmer Buddhist Forening - KBF"

in May 2021 / text by Nath Mèn)

The Khmer Buddhist Society Norway (KBS) is an organization and a part of the Buddhist traditions and cultures, based in Norway where Cambodians live and preserve with. The KBS was officially created and registered on March 09, 1999, and consists of 498 members (updated in May 2021).

The Khmer Buddhist center is located in Tingsaker, Lillesand town which is the headquarter of KBS. All members and friends always get to practice and learn both Dharma and culture there. The KBS a member of the Buddhist Confederation (Norwegian: Buddhistforbundet).

The KBS was a group of Thai Buddhist Society “DTB” since 1994. Then the KBF had officially registered in March 1999 but it was still one group of DTB. The KBS has gotten independence on August 15, 2009 (read more in Norwegian).

#Adresse: Senterveien 54, Apartment 112, 4790 Lillesand, Norway
Orgnr.: 980 411 931

{KBS website: https://khmerbuddhison.net​.
Word’s meaning: “khmerbuddhison = ‘khmer’ + ‘buddhi’ er Buddhist + ‘so’ is Society + ‘n’ is Norway}.