(English text: Nath Men)

According to the traditions in Cambodia,  after the Ancestor’s Day Ceremony (Pchum Ben) was celebrated, the Kathina and Boat Festival Ceremony are also celebrated to present every year. Cambodian people are always very glad to join with these.

Cambodian people in Norway cannot do it with all the ceremonies like in Cambodia, but they always celebrate Ancestor’s Day between September and October as well. In addition, they also celebrate the New Year’s Ceremony in April, Vesak Ceremony in May and Dharma practice (2 times a month). Cambodians are living in Norway more than 600 people, and about 80% live in South Norway.

Recently, the Khmer Buddhist Society (KBS) has organized the Pchum Ben at the Khmer Buddhist Center in Lillesand. The monks were invited from Wat-Thai in Oslo and Kristiansand to lead the Ceremony. The Ceremony was held (15 days) from September 22 to October 9, 2021.

During Pchum Ben, the Steering Members of the KBS have visited some members who are old and they were very active with the Cambodian community in Norway. They have traditionally got some fruits and flowers from the KBS.