(Text by Nath Mèn)

Public meeting, family visits from the different provinces or cities, and cultural ceremonies are very limited by the Health Authority because of Covid-19 situation which is not over yet. However people need to take care of their health.

In 2020, the Cambodian/Khmer Community in Norway had canceled all the ceremonies of Buddhism at the Khmer Buddhist Center, Lillesand. In that year we had also canceled 2 great cultural events that were often happened to the Vennesla Hall.

For this year, 2021, the Khmer Buddhist Society (KBS) and the Cambodia Association Norway (CAN) are not clear to be ready for the important activity projects and plans for both Buddhist ceremonies and cultural events.

KBS and CAN have decided at the Annual Meeting (Online / Facebook), they will do all the religious planning and cultural projects, but they are still not sure if Covid-19 isn’t yet over. However the Community leaders

can actually do some small activities.

To resolve the consequence, board members of KBS and CAN should do:
1. Update message from the Norwegian Health Authority
2. Update activity plans and send message to all the members, and Cambodians-Norwegians in the Community.