by Nath Mèn)

The Buddhist Flag has first approved in 1885 in Sri-Lanka, but it have had been a controversy over as to who designed the Buddhist Flag.

To review the approval of flag happened to the World Buddhist Confederation in Sri Lanka (representatives from 29 Buddhist countries) held at the first International Conference (Vesak Day) on May 25, 1950. It is a symbol of faith and peace, and used throughout the world to represent the Buddhist faith.

Cambodia Monk’s Leader Samdach Sangha CHOUN Nath had joint that International Conference in Sri Lanka as well.

The meanings and colours symbolize the perfection of Buddhahood and the Dharma
from the Buddhist Council of Queensland under):

1. The Blue light that radiated from the Buddha’s hair symbolises the spirit of Universal Compassion for all beings.
2. The Yellow light that radiated from the Buddha’s epidermis symbolises the Middle Way which avoids all extremes and brings balance and liberation.
3. The Red light that radiated from the Buddha’s flesh symbolises the Blessings that the practice of the Buddha’s Teaching brings.
4.. The White light that radiated from the Buddha’s bones and teeth symbolises the Purity of the Buddha’s Teaching and the Liberation it brings.
5. The Orange light that radiated from the Buddha’s palms, heels and lips symbolises the unshakable Wisdom of the Buddha’s Teaching.
6. The Combination Colour, on the fly, symbolises the universality of the Truth of the Buddha’s Teaching.

A more modern, contemporary definition of the six colors is given as:

1. Blue: signifying the concept of loving kindness and peace in Buddhism
2. Yellow: signifying the Middle Path, that is, the complete absence of form and emptiness
3. Red: signifying achievement, wisdom, virtue, fortune and dignity.
4. White: signifying purity, emancipation, that the Dharma will always exist regardless of time or space.
5. Orange: The essence of Buddhism which is full of wisdom, strength and dignity.
6. The Combination of these five colors symbolizes that it is the one and only Truth.