Text by Nath Men

Khmer Community in Norway is carefully working with its annual projects under the Covid-19 situation while the Health Directorate still concerns with the limit between province /city to province/city. In early July 2021 the Government decided that the country is opened. At the same time people can flight to European countries after the EU issued a new statement and then people have gotten vaccinations as well. 

The Khmer Community has 2 associations which are focusing on Buddhism and their own culture. One is named the Khmer Buddhist Society (KBS) and another one is the Cambodia Association Norway (CAN).

This year the KBS has worked with the annual project as small groups to organize the Dharma learning every month, New Year celebration, Vesak ceremony, monks in the rainy ceremony …etc. 

The CAN cannot organize the parties or arrangements like its project as the New Year party, Summer arrangement and Culture Event. But however, the CAN is still working with small groups, small arrangements and offices’ works.